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Windows 10 Update stuck downloading

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Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK is an end-user Windows enthusiast, a Microsoft MVP in Windows, since 2006, and the Admin of Please create a System Restore Point before trying out any software, be careful about any third-party offers while installing freeware & read the entire post & the comments first.

If you find that your Windows Update is stuck downloading updates at 0 % or any other figure in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8,  Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well, then this post will help you fix the issue.

Windows Update stuck downloading updates

If your Windows Update is showing available updates and your computer starts downloading them, it may happen that at some point it just gets stuck and stops downloading. It will show a constant figure but there will be no progress. The figure in your case could be 0%, 23%, 33%, or any other, but every time you try to download the updates, you find that they are stuck on that particular figure, even if you leave it for an hour or two. I faced this issue and my downloading was stuck at 23%, when I was trying to get Windows Insider Builds.

Windows Update stuck downloading updates

This is what helped me and I am sure that it could help you too. You may click on the images to see their larger versions.

From the WinX Menu, open Command Prompt (Admin). Type the following one after the other and hit Enter:

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

This will stop the Windows Update related Services.


Next browse to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and delete all the files and folders inside. Press Ctrl+A to Select All and then Delete.


If the files are in use, and you are unable to delete some files, restart your device. After rebooting, run the above commands again. Now you will be able to delete the files from the mentioned Software Distribution folder.

After you have emptied this folder, you may restart your computer or you may type the following commands one at a time in the CMD, and hit Enter to restart the Windows Update related Services.

net start wuauserv

net start bits

Run Windows Updated again and see.

updating and downloading

You will be able to download and install the updates successfully. Once done, you will see that a restart has also been scheduled.


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Custom Logo

Custom Logo for PayPal Checkout

The following article describes how to add your own store logo to your PayPal Payment pages:

  1. Within Photoshop or your preferred image editor application:
    a) If you wish to use a custom header image
    – create a new image with a width of 750 pixels and height not more than 90 pixels. A common practice is to place your store logo aligned to the left corner and business information aligned to the right corner. Save your new PayPal banner as a GIF or JPG with a filesize less than 50KB
    b) If you wish to use just a custom logo image
    – create a new image with a width of 190 pixels and height not more than 60 pixels. Save your new PayPal banner as a GIF or JPG with a filesize less than 50KB
  2. Upgrade your PayPal account type to Premier or Business
  3. From the My Account page click on Profile
  4. Open Custom Payment Pages from the Selling Preferences section
  5. From the bottom buttons click Add to create a new Payment Page template/style
  6. Provide a name of your new template; ensure to only use letters and number, no spaces
  7. Upload your header or logo image to your site to the images folder.
  8. Next, add the image settings within Paypal:
    a) If you are using a header image, enter the secure URL for that image (https:// …) in the “Header Image URL” textbox. If your PayPal banner has a white (#FFF) background leave the Header Background Image, Header Border Colour and Background Colour fields empty. Then click Save.
    b) If you are using a logo image only, enter the secure URL for that image (https:// …) in the “Logo Image URL” textbox. Also enter the desired color settings in the other fields and then click Save.
  9. Lastly, after clicking “Save” on the Page Styles screen, select your new style and click “Make Primary”.
  10. That’s it! Sign out of your PayPal account and run a test transaction within your store, if you followed the above instructions correctly you should now be seeing your custom PayPal logo or banner on your PayPal Payment pages.
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Web Page Help Links

Information Help Links


Script Archives






Software Download

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Phishing & Malware Protection in Google Chrome

Do you know you can enable phishing and Malware protection in your Google Chrome Browser? If not, then you should enable this feature in your chrome browser so that you and your data will be protected online while browsing on Google chrome browser. Follow the steps below to enable phishing & malware protection.

Step 1: Click on chrome wrench option on right top and then select option from the menu as shown in the following screenshot .

Option Menu
Step 2: Now select under the hood option from left menu and click on How to Enable Phishing and Malware protection checkbox and close the page.
New setting will be automatically saved. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please share this post to your friends and ask them to enable their browser protection.

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